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NEWS UPDATE October 10th, 2014
Looking Wolf recieves nominations at the 15th Annual Native American Music Awards for ARTIST OF THE YEAR and FLUTIST OF THE YEAR for his new recording "Tamanawas" which means "Gaurdian Spirit" in his native language.  You are listening to a song from the CD now.  Jan will be attending the awards show in New York on November 14th, 2014.  It will be televised live via the internet and nationally on PBS on Thanksgiving Day.  Pubic voting is art of the awards program, please visist the Native American Music Awards Webiste to cast your vote.  It's free and only takes a few minutes.  Appreciated! 
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Multiple Native American Music Award Winning Flutist
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ABOUT JAN LOOKING WOLF Native American (enrolled Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in Oregon - Kalapuya) with Irish descent that lives near his reservation, Jan Looking Wolf Reibach is an  internationally renowned Native American Flute performer with 19 CDs and 3 DVDs released on multiple record labels....earning 52 National Award Recognitions and a top ten ranking in the new age charts. Traveling a broad range of musical styles with the Native American Flute, he won for Flutist of the Year at the Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) for his solo traditional native flute CD 'Unity' in 2008, which also took the ISMA for Best Flute that same year. Following, he won three more consecutive NAMMYS -  Artist of the Year for his flute rock CD 'The Looking Wolf Project' (2009), Record of the Year with his band for 'Breakin' Free' (2010, and Best Music Video for Live As One" which includes a live performance with many well known native artists - play it below!   "One of the World's Most Awarded Native American Flutists" Click Here

ONE HEART:  A MESSAGE OF UNITY FOR ALL PEOPLE Jan's lifeway and musical expressions are based on the age old tradition of one heart. In short, it is a truth that we are equal regardless of the color of our skin, tribal affiliation, language we speak, income, gender, faith, nationality or personal beliefs. ‘One Heart’ is the recognition of Unity through Diversity. His music carries a message of HOPE for oneness of humanity. Jan requently performs at events nation wide and his music has been used for several non-profit projects.


HIS PATH OF HEALING In spring of 1994, Jan suffered two large strokes from a very rare genetic enzyme disorder prone to Native Americans and had blood clots pass through his brain and heart and cause bleeding in the lungs. As a result from the strokes, he was paralyzed on the entire left side of his body for nearly a year. He received a miraculous healing and recovered 100%.