A new Native American Flute Album featuring flutes from artisan makers across the country.  Jan Michael pays tribute to the mastery of the Native American Flute with a diverse variety of custom flutes especially created for the project.  Each song offers a different voice with its own story.  Collectively, the melodies express the Beautiful connection that we all share with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and each other.

All People…One Heart…Beautiful.

This project breaks new ground.  In addition to the album, it includes a concert series where Jan Michael exhibits each flute, share’s their stories and performs each song with stunning images projected on a large screen.  The audience is invited to come see the flutes close-up following the concert.  The artisan flute makers and their Beautiful works of musical art are featured on this page (scroll down).

Meet the Flute Maker Artisans and the flutes of Beautiful!!

Douglas Thunder Horse

Thunder Horse Flutes

Email:  douglasthunderhorse@hotmail.com
Spirit Wolf Flute

Courting Flute

Kundalini Flute

Loon Clan Flute

Lone Crow Flute

Odell Borg

High Spirit Flutes

email:  flutes@highspirits.com
Pranayama – Earth Tone Flute 432 Hz Tuning

Flute Medicine – Earth Tone Double F Sharp 432 Hz

David O’Neal

Rising Moon Flutes

Email:  risingmoonflutes@gmail.com
Fossil Flute (Ancient Winds)

Butterfly Dreams Flute

Sea of Meditation Flute

The “Beautiful” Flute


David in the Rising Moon flute studio creating the flutes for the album









John Eley

Medicine Wheel Flutes and Art
Email:  johneley42@gmail.com

Jan Michael in John’s studio with the Monarch Journey Flute.
Eagle’s Feather Flute


Wolf Tracks

Joe Loftin

Joe Loftin Flutes

Email: joeloftinflutes@gmail.com
Listen to the Roses – Walking Stick Double Flute