Lessons and Workshops

Private lessons from Jan Michael are available both long distance via Skype and at his studio in Salem, Oregon.  With methods that he developed from decades of performing and instructing with the Native American Flute, Jan Michael will improve your connection with the flute, creating melodies and songs, and over all techniques.

He has regular students who are established players such as recording artists, performers, and instructors.  However, also enjoys working with new players.

Jan Michael also has an inclusive eBook available here that incorporates video lessons, written instruction and techniques.

In Addition to individual lessons, workshops are offered in Salem, Oregon on the 3rd Sunday of each month where techniques and methods are shared with a small group.  Questions about lessons/workshops? CONTACT US

Individual 1 hour flute lesson either via Skype or at his studio.  Jan Michael works with players to establish their goals.  Just starting and need the basics?  Or, advanced techniques?  Want to learn specific skills?

Save $50 with this package of 4 flute lessons either via Skype or at his studio.  Scheduling lessons will be according to the goals of the player.  For most, either weekly, twice per month, or monthly are preferred.  This is a great way to take your playing to a new level.

Obtain a certificate in Mastery Level of the Native American Style Flute! 

This program is for players who desire to achieve their potential with the flute.  While it includes a variety of methods, approaches, and techniques for players to fully express themselves, the program is tailored to their specific goals and vision.  For example, some apprentices have become a performing/recording artist.  Others wanted to master the art of playing for personal enjoyment.  And some players complete this program to become flute instructors.

The NAF Apprentice Program includes two sessions per month via Skype or at Jan Michael’s studio.  Also, regular check-ins on playing/study “assignments”, creating and learning songs, and a detailed approach at identifying the player’s own, unique voice with the flute.