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1 Jans Flute Medicine CD Cover

Flute Medicine

NEW! Beautiful, meditative, and inspirational melodies with acoustic accompaniment.  Flute Medicine wins 4 international awards and charts on New Age Radio Stations world-wide.

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Verdi Harmony

Wolf Totem

Flute is the Medicine

live as one single

Live as One

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Beautiful song (single download) that Jan Michael wrote from a dream about living in a world of peace.  Live As One has received global airplay and attention.  This song has become the anthem for Jan Michael’s artistry.  He sings the vocal, plays guitar and of course the native flute solos.  At the final chorus, the voices of native children sing with him…inspiring, beautiful, and a truth that we are all related.

Jan_Arms of the Angel

Arms of the Angel

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Arms of the Angel, Jan Michael’s version of beautiful song by Sara McLachlan with his flutes singing the vocal melody.  (2017 Release)


Perfect for relaxing, meditating, and massage therapy.  Beautiful wooden Native American flutes with a variety of authentic world acoustic accompaniment. (2016 release)

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Ascension– title track of CD


Cherry Blossom

Wind Dreamer

Contemporary fusion of rock/folk/blues with Jan Michael’s Native American flutes as the main instrument and his full rock band!  A blend of high energy songs and beautiful melodic ballads, this CD is perfect for music at parties, events, and is a must have for music lovers!

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Wind Dreamer




Traditional Native American Flute with native drums, rattles, and chants.  Jan Michael reflects his native culture and connection to mother earth through a variety of wooden flutes…

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Courting Song

Earth Heart

Round Dance

Message From The Sun

From solo flutes in canyons to flutes with Native American drums, this is a must have for fans of the Native American Flute!

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The Temple

Fire Dancer



Winner for Flutist of the Year at the Native American Music Awards.  Unity includes gentle solo Native American Flute with memorable melodies….

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