TIM YETT – following the path of Music Medicine.

Tim is an award-winning flutist and composer.  He has worked with Jan Michael on several projects and recorded albums together – check out Tim’s Website – Click Here – to listen to his music and learn more.
Tim is two-time Native American Music Award Winning musician.  He is a licensed practitioner of the healing arts specializing in complementary and alternative medicine. Tim is a contemporary spiritual teacher who emphasizes the powerful foundation practice of prayer and meditation to connect with the universal Truth. He conveys his message with uncomplicated clarity that is delivered more clearly through the music than the words that are spoken. Tim said recently: “Don’t look at me, look beyond me. We are in a time of expanding consciousness. This is your time to look inward and find your own Truth.”

Breath Maker, Tim’s breakout CD with Jan Michael Looking Wolf lifts the spirit with soothing melodies. “Creating Sacred Space” came into being by sitting in meditation either alone or sharing in ceremony with members of many different tribes indigenous to the northern hemisphere. Master story teller and musician Tim Yett takes the listener on an inner journey into spirit through guided imagery and stories of the natural world. Individual shares in their own way their understanding of the universal Truth. This CD can provide the seeker only a glimpse into the sacred circle and awe-inspiring world of Native Culture.
On Stage in New York with Jan Michael and Nathan Myers.